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    I am overwhelmed by joy on the purchase of my first dream home and I couldn't have done it without Hpt Realty. Their guidance, expertise on knowing how to speed things up especially when it comes to lending, efficiency and thoroughness made my transaction go smoothly. Not to mention their extreme kindness on holding your hand from start to finish is the best customer service one can ask for during such a stressful time. I'm beyond grateful and exceptionally satisfied with the service I received from HPT realty.

    Andrew's keen eye on knowing how and what to expect from lenders before they even ask was a big key factor on making my deal go through. Also, it was always reassuring to reach Andrew's live voice every time I called. Stephanie, from Mainstream Escrow, was so sweet and a pleasure to work with as she led the communication between the agents on both sides.

    Last but not least Mindy Luong who not only guided me through my transaction but also gave me the opportunity to learn. The deciding factor to use HPT REALTY over any other firm was the quick response from Mindy to put my offer in first and the fact she said she would treat "my transaction as her own." That statement alone speaks volumes where I knew choosing HPT Realty was the way to go. I'm so glad I did because of them I'm able to live my dream which is owning a 3 bedroom/3bath home in Huntington Beach that I've always wanted. Thank you so much HPT Realty!

    There's not more I can say that I haven't said to convince one to choose HPT Realty because it's their action and execution that's louder than words.


    This is the first time in my life that my dream has come true. Thank to David Lieu who works in HPT real estate, I have finally found my dream house. He is very patient, careful and he really takes his time to assist me in finding the perfect house. During the time that we have worked together, he would always listen to what I need and prefer. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy their dream house. Not only did he show me an abundance of different houses, he also took me places such as Ikea and Lowes to find furniture and house supplies for my new home. From this, you can see how much he cares for his clients, fulfilling his duties and even things that he doesnt need to do, but does it anyway. He surpasses any home realtors due to his caring and kind nature. He has done such an exceptional job. Thank you David, no words can say how much I appreciate it all! :)


    We put our house up for sale in Westminster in July of 2013. David Lieu at HTP handled everything for us. We met with David and Mindy Luong at our house and planned a strategy. After one open house we received multiple offers and closed our sale in September of 2013. We received top dollar for our home and could not have been happier. I would strongly recommend HTP. They really do all of the work.


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